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Hiding Out in Hidden Hills

Now that I’ve had time to settle into my temporary residence in Hidden Hills (see our January blog post for how I ended up there!), I’ve begun to notice something really marvelous. These are people who are not afraid to make bold changes to their homes!  “Hidden” in this charming 1950s ranch-style community, relaxed and infused with an informal pastoral energy, are a critical mass of Hollywood creatives, celebrities and influencers. 

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Happy Holidays from Interior Archaeology!

The Woolsey Fire has certainly provided an interesting way to start off our first newsletter! In case you weren’t aware, Interior Archaeology’s studio was located right in the path of this devastating fire,  and, although it smells like a giant fireplace around here, we are overjoyed to report that our home and studio are still standing (albeit a little crispy around the edges!).

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