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Stay Out All Summer!

This time of year all I want to do is be outside! On that note, I thought I’d share my cheat sheet for designing sublimely Al Fresco rooms:

Creating containment is always the first order of business, especially if the outdoor space has no architectural delineation. Ideally there is some sort of architectural element that gives it form: a pergola, sitting walls, raised planters, a fountain, garden shed or chicken coop... something that can anchor the space and allow it to feel like an extension of the house. Invest in structure if you can, it’s charm and function will pay dividends as your garden grows. If building a permanent framework is not an option, structure can also be established with large scale pots and planters, and then furniture can fill in the footprint you’ve created.

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Conversation about Color

Our motto here at Interior Archaeology is “Creating Noble Spaces.” Noble in this context doesn’t necessarily mean formal, just that the space reaches its highest capacity when it’s helping its occupant reach theirs. I had the great pleasure to meet another design professional with very similar goals but a very different approach, and this month I sat down with her to talk about her process.  Gillian C. Rose is a Color Scientist and creator of the Color Our World™ Collection for Fine Paints of Europe. In her own words, she “ trained in the application of color within the built environment and the human response.” She accesses the science behind what we’re drawn to for her clients through her specially-created Color Wordplay. In our interview, she told me, “I designed it to be like a Cosmo quiz, but in reality it’s a neuroscience polarity test.” Listen in!

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High Point Highlight #2: “But I’m gonna need to sit on that sofa”

A Brief, Passionate Note from Your Designer After Her Highly Productive Visit to High Point:

Are you familiar with the concept of “ruining” something for yourself that you enjoy by doing it as a profession? Filmmakers can’t enjoy movies like you or I would, Graphic Designers can’t look at art with an objective eye, Architects can’t ignore an ugly building like the rest of us can...I cannot ignore any facet of interior design. This has a lot of benefits for my clients, but I want to highlight for you one of the areas where you can take total advantage of my inability to not absorb all aspects of the design around me at all times, which I am absolutely shocked is not the number one reason I’m hired.

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High Point Highlight #1: It’s Complicated

I just returned from the Spring Furnishings Market in High Point, NC, as always feeling inspired and enthusiastic to specify some of the wonderful pieces that I’ve just spent the week getting to know.

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Hiding Out in Hidden Hills

Now that I’ve had time to settle into my temporary residence in Hidden Hills (see our January blog post for how I ended up there!), I’ve begun to notice something really marvelous. These are people who are not afraid to make bold changes to their homes!  “Hidden” in this charming 1950s ranch-style community, relaxed and infused with an informal pastoral energy, are a critical mass of Hollywood creatives, celebrities and influencers. 

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