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Hiding Out in Hidden Hills

Now that I’ve had time to settle into my temporary residence in Hidden Hills (see our January blog post for how I ended up there!), I’ve begun to notice something really marvelous. These are people who are not afraid to make bold changes to their homes!  “Hidden” in this charming 1950s ranch-style community, relaxed and infused with an informal pastoral energy, are a critical mass of Hollywood creatives, celebrities and influencers. 

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"Update or Preserve? Yes!"

This month I’m faced with a conundrum that is a common one for the lucky designers working on great historical properties. One of my current projects captures all that I love about home and architecture so much that I nearly go into a trance just thinking about it. It’s a brilliantly executed Spanish Hacienda by Alfred T. “Hap” Gilman, who from the 30s through the 50s was an architect in Los Angeles known for his work in Monterey Colonial and Spanish Revival styles.

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