Happy Holidays from Interior Archaeology!

This year brought us exciting new projects, fun and fabulous finds and an overabundance of shared joy with our clients and colleagues. As happens every year around this time, I began to look back on the lessons learned and new goals set this year and wonder how I might improve on them in the months to come. In 2019, I would love to create more opportunities to connect with lovers of design and those of you who are interested in the ins and outs of this exciting industry which is my happy place. In that spirit of sharing, I’m announcing the arrival of the Interior Archaeology monthly newsletter, full of good news, advice and as much design as I can fit in! If you want to be left off of this mailing list, let us know!


The Woolsey Fire has certainly provided an interesting way to start off our first newsletter! In case you weren’t aware, Interior Archaeology’s studio was located right in the path of this devastating fire,  and, although it smells like a giant fireplace around here, we are overjoyed to report that our home and studio are still standing (albeit a little crispy around the edges!). How anything is still standing seems almost a miracle. The flames circled both our home and our next-door neighbor, The Bachelor, burning down their production facility as well as our beloved courtyard, which you might remember  made the cover of this year’s May/June issue of Luxe Magazine. But somehow fate and wind combined to allow our homes to make it through! We are looking forward to rebuilding everything that was lost to be just as wonderful as it was before. We are grateful beyond words for the love and concern that poured in from every direction during those terrifying few days.

Interior Archaeology is now back at work and running at full capacity. Power, water, and internet have been restored and the the charred hills around us have already begun to transform from black to that bright impossible green that happens after our first winter rain. We find ourselves massively thankful for all that truly matters: life, family, community, our precious animals, and above all, to the first responders who saved more than we will ever know. With humbled and renewed energy we look forward many new and exciting projects in 2019.


Here’s to a New Year of Creating Noble Spaces!

With gratitude and joy,

Tammy and the Interior Archaeology Team