Spring Chickens

Spring is working her magic in our walled garden here in the canyons above Malibu. The roses have, almost overnight, burst into bloom and the chicken yard is abuzz with the cuckooing of our 18 happy hens. They seem almost as happy as I am this time of year and go about their day scratching for worms, taking dust baths and blissful naps in the sun. During the short days of winter each hen lays 1-2 eggs per week but as the length of daylight increases so do the eggs that fill their nests. We collect eggs everyday and it's always a game for us to open the old oak doors of their little stucco house to see how many eggs are waiting for us. Coming home this afternoon, still in my business suit and heels, I ran out to say hello to the girls and found 25 eggs waiting! Which means some hens are laying twice a day right now.... wow! I looked like the equivalent of the Egg Michelin Man with my blouse hammocking all it could hold and both of my jacket pockets filled with eggs. Still shaking out the sawdust from my pockets....ahhh the joys of Spring!