Winter in Southern California


On the east coast the first harbingers of spring in my garden were always the little bulbs of Snowdrops or Galanthus that would naturalize in great clumps on the edges of our property. Their tiny white pendulous blooms would erupt in great drifts in early March, always letting us know that nature was astir under the frozen ground. Southern California, while of course less marked in its seasons, also has its trumpet to announce that spring is near, in the blooming of the graceful Camellia. All over the Southland camellias of every variety unfurl in February as seen here in our courtyard today. If you happen to be in So Cal in February, don't miss a visit to The Huntington Library and Gardens near Pasadena, where you can see an almost indescribable display of towering Camellias in varieties by the score. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to there myself this year!

Tammy Randall WoodComment