The Formal Entry

Another shot of our favorite formal entry of all time - yes the one we took the paintbrush to! It was entirely dark wood at one time. Talk about a transformation. I loved this space so much, when you walked through the front door - you could see directly out to the backyard, and the staircase was tucked away to the right in a secondary section on the space. This kind of Entry is my very favorite - it's almost enchanting and ensures that the space is always filled with light. It's also extremely functional, working almost like a hotel lobby. It requires that the architecture is somewhat narrow at least in the section where the front door penetrates the structure, in this case about 25ft. I'll share a little secret, one of the first things I do when sitting down with a client and their architect to plan a new project is to see if there is any possibility of a creating the lovely Front to Back Formal Entry. As Martha would say - It's a good thing!

Tammy Randall WoodComment