Our New Look !

Look what just arrived! After several months of design collaboration, our new look - in the form of business cards and new icon - is finally here. 

We took the idea of the "Urn" from my favorite collection of Henry Moses engravings that hang in our hallways (some of the first treasures I ever bartered for). These engravings catalog the exquisite architecture and pottery being unearthed at the newly discovered ruins at Pompeii and Hurculaneum in the later half of the 1700's. These beautiful artifacts and architectural motifs would eventually go on to spawn the rise of Neoclassicism that would continue to be seen through the Adams & Chippendale Periods and rise again in Empire to Biedermeier furniture which still feel modern and current today. 
A classic that stays relevant and fresh - Bingo! That sounded spot on, and so we went to work... 
Sending very special thanks to Katherine LaVictoire for her vision and ninja graphic design skills, to Sonny Sachs our ever-present & ever-so-helpful graphic engineer and to Ben Levitz the principal at Studio On Fire for his company's detailed artisan printing. I absolutely love our new look - feels like home. 

Tammy Randall WoodComment