Freshness in the Unexpected

People always ask me, as a designer what style I like best or feel most comfortable working with. I always answer honestly - that I love all styles from Traditional English to Mid Century Modern and everything in between. One constant that does run through my work however is the creation of a bridge between the expected and the unexpected. This creates a freshness that never goes out of style. One way to achieve this is balancing traditional details with modern lines. This can happen in whatever architectural style you're working with, be it a Spanish Colonial in Southern California or a Queen Anne Shingle Style on Cape Cod. A good example of this idea is the gorgeous kitchen featured here from Martin Moore & Company, they design and make exquisite bespoke handmade kitchens in the UK. I'm in love with the unexpected yet familiar that is achieved here. The details are rich but restrained and echo what we try to embody in everything we design in whatever style we're working in.  Fresh, clean, smart style - translates to every style!